College is not only a place for college students. Yes, you read it correctly. Life of college student is a bit more joy, filled with hangouts so there are so many places except college where college students go and make it as a part of their college life. Without hangouts […]

Refresh your mind and body with these “Summer Refreshments”

Things to eat this summers by The Cycle Boy

The scorching heat of summer makes everyone ruthless to survive in Delhi. The temperature rises proliferating day by day. People don’t go outside their houses in this summer as rising of temperature indicates the global warming which is at its threat to act like a demon on earth. Now, the […]

 Black Stripes – An era of style

Black Stripes, a Fashion statement which came into existence since mid 19th century and now became a fashion Fiesta. People wear it like an attire of being an iconic style wear. Like recently Deepika Padukone, Bollywood style icon wore in her latest Photoshoot for an online clothing store, Myntra.com. She […]