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Website development – WordPress [Part 2] | Get Blogged

This is the continuation of the Learn Blogging Series. Read Website development – Blogger [Part 1] here.

WordPress comes with two plans, one is paid hosting and another is an open source platform. Throughout the book, we’ll be focusing on the latter one.

On WordPress, you can choose 100s of responsive themes in order to customize the website according to your niche.

Here are the steps to make a basic WordPress website (free):

Once the basic site’s layout is ready, we can do a list of customization with it, like one can customize the theme, SEO of the webpage, adding a number of useful plug-ins (for advanced bloggers), and a lot more than your imagination.(May required paid hosting for some of the customizations)

Website development – WordPress [Part 2] thecycleboy

  • Visit www.wordpress.com
  • On the home page, it prompts to “Get Started”. Once clicked, you’ll see options At this stage, we’ll select “Start with a blog” option.
  • Once you have selected the type, set the theme of your Blog from available Themes.

(free WordPress blog will be restricted to WordPress Subdomain, i.e. www.example.wordpress.com)

  • After selecting the sub-domain of the choice, you can sign up (or login) to respective WordPress account (if required) in order to start writing blogs or customising your theme.


  • One can link a custom URL address (3rd Party Domain) to WordPress Blog only if s/he has the access to premium yearly plans. (Paid)
  • Dedicated WordPress Hostings are also available at GoDaddy, BlueHost, etc. (Paid)


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