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Website development – Blogger [Part 1] | Get Blogged

This section contains various types of platforms available to blog, and how to develop your own blogging website over those platforms.

Blog development is one of the important steps in order to start blogging (especially on a website). There are other platforms as well, on which one may share his/her thoughts (blog).

Types of blogging:

  • Website blogging – When someone owns a domain and hosting over the web and uses his/her website to convey thoughts of a particular niche.
  • Social Media Blogging – When a person opens his/her account on social media channels (professional account) like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc, and uses these portals to share his/her notions.
  • Email Newsletter Blogging – This type of blogging is done either by a website blogger or a social media blogger (or both). Newsletter Blogging can’t be done solely, since, in order to gather Email IDs of the readers; to convey your message, you need to have a well-sorted Website blog or any of the social media blogs.
  • Mixed Blogging – It is the most common and effective way to blog. Where, one uses all the aforementioned types of blogging simultaneously; hence, requires efforts (a lot of) to keep the blog active over the mentioned means.

Website development

In this series, we’ll focus on mixed blogging. Hence, our first aim is to develop a blogging website over two popular platforms, namely, Blogger and WordPress.

Firstly, let’s get started with Blogger!

Blogger, an open source platform owned by Google, where anyone can start his/her blogging website for free.

Below are the steps to start blogging on Blogger:

learn blogging - blogger part 1 thecycleboy

  • Visit www.blogger.com
  • At the homepage, it prompts you to “CREATE YOUR BLOG”. Press the button and sign-in by using your existing Gmail ID or create a new.
  • After signing in, “Create a New Blog” pop up will appear. At this stage, one may decide his/her Blog’s Title, URL Address (Blogger.com subdomain) and the theme of the blog (can be changed later).
  • Once all the required parameters are submitted, you’ll then ready to write and publish your first Blog over the Blogger.

Editor’s Note:

  • You can add a custom domain (www.myblog.com) to your Blogger’s blog, without spending extra money.

Follow the steps:

  • Locate “Publishing” under the “Settings” option.
  • Now, add the already purchased domain name (or buy a new one) in the required field and then save your settings.

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