6 things to eat and drink this summers

Here are the 6 things to eat and drink this summers, in order to beat the Delhi’s heat. 

The scorching heat of summer makes everyone ruthless to survive in Delhi. The temperature rises proliferating day by day. People don’t go outside their houses in this summer as rising of temperature indicates the global warming which is at its threat to act like a demon on earth. Now, the result is there and we are facing the consequences of it. But, every hurdle has its solution to cure it. So, we must not lament or cry over the climate but to take steps to live in a better way. A better way can be achieved by improving our food habits and have some cooling refreshment drinks and food to make less effective this summer.


Things to eat in summer by The Cycle Boy
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This is the best drink to have in summer. It is a mixture of lemon, water and sugar, which helps in improved digestion. It also increases the immune system of our body, as lemon is a source of vitamin C which helps to fight the diseases and make our stomach cool in this summer.


Things to eat in summer by The Cycle Boy
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JalJeera, a drink of cumin known as Jeera in Hindi. It’s a spicy drink which is the mixture of cumin, ginger, black pepper, black salt, mint, some fruit powder, sugar and chilli powder. It is the traditional drink in North India which helps our body to maintain the temperature and provides the immunity in summer. As cumin helps in digestion, mint provides a cooling effect and black salt act as another digestive. It should be there in our diet in summer which gives our taste buds both spicy and sweet tastes together.


Things to eat in summer by The Cycle Boy
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Sattu drink is healthy summer drink which is made up of roasted Gram flour, roasted black chickpea flour is also known as Chane ka Sattu. The Sattu drink is cooling in nature plus it has lots of nutritious content. It is very good for diabetic patients also. It is made by simply adding the roasted Gram flour into chilled water and add sugar or jaggery in it to make it sweet in taste.


Things to eat in summer by The Cycle Boy
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Wood Apple Squash is commonly known as Bael ka Sharbat. It is made up of the Wood Apple Juice (Bael fruit). It is full of nutritional benefits as it not only helps in digestion like other drinks but it also purifies blood and remove toxins, cures respiratory problems and effective for earaches. It is a boon for health and Bael fruit is also easily available in the market as well.

  • Watermelon

Things to eat in summer by The Cycle Boy
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Watermelon is the fruit of summer and its refreshing nature helps to combat the heat. It is made up of 92% of water. It does not only consist of water but it has nutrients, vitamins too. It has major health benefits which are most unaware of people as it controls blood pressure and prevents Cancer in the human body. It also helps in Asthma as those who eat watermelon regularly, has very low tendency for Asthma attack.

  • Yogurt

Things to eat in summer by The Cycle Boy
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Yoghurt is commonly known as Dahi as it is synonyms of summer. Without this, the meal is incomplete. It is made up of milk so it is not only having the milk properties but other properties as well. It is rich in nutrition and boon for digestion in the human body and gives the health benefits such as prevent the risk of high blood pressure and prevents colon cancer.

We can also have it in various forms like Raita and buttermilk. As raita is made by adding cucumber, Bondi, black pepper and salt which makes it spicy in taste and Buttermilk which is known as Chaach, is a summer drink too. It is made by churning the yoghurt and also have refreshing qualities. 

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