7 Essentials to Gear Up for Holi This Year

As Holi is around the corner we are all very excited to celebrate this festival of joy and colours! We thought we should help you in being just on point this Holi. So here is a list of the absolute essentials for this year!!!!! Take a look!

Get a little greasy

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Of course, this festival is all about letting loose and having a good time but why do that at the cost of your healthy skin or hair? So before you head out for an afternoon of fun make sure that you should coat your hair and skin with oil/vaseline which will prevent damage. Discoloration of nails can be prevented by applying a layer of nail paint!

The Outfit

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Who cares if the clothes are going to be coloured and drenched in water? They still got to be perfect at first! The trend of wearing white clothes on Holi is a classic one. Over the years, fashionistas have shown us time and again that white salwar-kurta is just as sassy as white shorts and t-shirts. Lately, however, our favourite style inspirations, the people of Bollywood have shown us that colours other than white work just as well! Keep in mind to wear something comfortable!


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The shoes you wear for Holi must have a good grip and be non-slippery so as to aid you in running around/behind people without the risk of losing your balance. Most preferred footwear includes white canvas shoes, rubber sandals, floaters and crocs!

Accessorising Never Harmed Anybody!

Pick your favourite accessory from a range of available products to add a little zing to your attire. Reflector shades, metal bangles, waterproof rubber bags that can act as storage for colour, water guns, bandanas and so much more!

Get your groove on!

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We can’t imagine a party without music and some of our favourite Holi tracks. From Rang Barse to Badri Ki Dulhaniya, a playlist must be created for this event!

The way to our hearts is only through our stomachs

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Food is a vital part of any festival celebration in India. But we especially love the Gujiya that is made exclusively at this time of the year. When we are tired after playing Holi, some good food is all we need.

Pichkaris, Gulal and all that jazz!

Last but absolutely the most important the gulal, water balloons and equipment without which the party just can’t get started. Some people might prefer organic colours, flowers over the synthetically manufactured colours, the choice is yours.

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