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Travelling in your 20’s can be one of the most enriching experiences

20’s is the time to learn, to work hard, to earn, to shape your life!

And while we are busy juggling between finding the right career to looking for the perfect partner for ourselves, we often forget to understand that this is time, to build ourselves as a human being. It is very important to pause for a while and retrospect because 20’s is the time when you can learn from your mistakes and grow. One of the most life-enriching experiences you can have in your 20’s, is travelling. Here are top 5 reasons why you should travel in your 20’s:

  • Bye-bye comfort zone

Travelling Triphobo The Cycle Boy
When you travel, you step out of your comfort zone. You not only start accepting new things, you also start acknowledging the comforts of your life. Your problems back home don’t seem as grave as you thought earlier.

  • You meet new people

Travelling Triphobo The Cycle Boy
You make new friends, learn about the struggles of different people and gain a broader perspective towards life

  • You become sensitive

Travelling Triphobo The Cycle BoyAnd not just towards the pain of others, but also towards diverse cultures and understand their ideology and way of living.

  • You learn new languages

It begins with the basic words that you refer to, as you start vacation planning for a foreign land; but as you travel long-term, you start understanding the nuances of the language of the place you are travelling in. This opens up an opportunity to read a lot more, listen to local music and watch local movies in the local language.

  • You surprise your palettes

Travelling Triphobo The Cycle BoyTravelling exposes you to different cuisines that have more than just variety of recipes, but also varied drinks, eating etiquettes and much more! And of course, something yummy in your tummy can never be a bad idea!

Travel more in your 20’s, plan your vacations more than you plan your parties!  That latest phone and the fancy bike can wait, but life doesn’t! Work hard to save more, and make time to travel!
Because someone rightly said, “If we were meant to stay in one place, we’d have roots not feet”!

Special thanks to Triphobo

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