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Know your blogger – In Conversation with VForVeggie

In this second blog of the series, “Know your blogger“, I have Shubhneet from V_For_Veggie along with me for an exclusive interview for this series. Let’s dive into his life a bit. 😉
Know your blogger - VforVeggie | The Cycle Boy
Know your blogger – Shubhneet | VforVeggie
Date of birth and Hometown
April 13 and Delhi

Me – First post on Instagram

Shubhneet – My first Instagram post was one with my friends, which I later deleted as I changed the page to a public profile and made it a food blogging account. It is my love for cooking and food that motivated me to explore the unknown.

Me – Why VForVeggie? And what would be the highest point in your blogging life?

Shubhneet – I am a vegetarian and hence I thought no name represents me better than VForVeggie does and for me the highest point in my blogging life was when I went to a restaurant for a review and met someone who followed me, interacted with me and today he himself is a food blogger on Instagram.

Me – Best place for the vegetarians to eat in Delhi.

Shubhneet – My current recommendation would be Piali, in CP. If you love curries, you should definitely give this place a try.

Me – How do you manage to stay active, during your busy days, like exams, etc?

Shubhneet – I schedule my posts prior and hence it helps me a lot during the busy days and my exams.

Me – If you were on Tinder, then what would be your bio?

Shubhneet – I would probably be the last person you will see on Tinder, but if I have to my bio would say, “Casual na ho payega humse boss.”
I just completed my graduation from Delhi University, and I am currently looking to gain work experience for future goals I have.

Me – Your inspiration for Instagram or Blogging

Shubhneet – I am a foodie, I love to cook and prepare meals for my loved ones and I started with food walks in the streets of Old Delhi and from there I then got to know about blogging and I guess I have come a long way since then.

Me – What are the upcoming plans do you have for your blog?

Shubhneet – Thinking of taking it to the next level, you gotta stay tuned to see it.

Me – Your hobbies apart from the blogging stuff

Shubhneet – I have a few, listening to music, watching football and investing in share market.

Me – Books that you have read and suggest others to read.

Shubhneet – I will admit that I am not a bookworm and the only books I did pick up to read were during my graduation years.

Me – Any tips and tricks for the newbies to develop the audience on Instagram and get started with blogging?

Shubhneet – I will say what I always that follow your passion, be original, use the right hashtags, the correct timings, and have fainh on yourself and a bit of patience.

Have a look on his work:

Also, to get the new feeds about the food and restaurants, follow Shubhneet at V_For_Veggie

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