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Know your blogger – In Conversation with Hungrydilliwaali

With the very first interview of the series, “Know Your Blogger“, I bring out the one and only, Hungrydilliwaali aka Neha with me. Hello, Neha! 😛
I tried to ask all the possible questions, that an avid follower could ask to our Hungrydilliwaali, and Neha answered all of those in a well-proposed manner.
I hope, you all will gonna enjoy this first part of our series 🙂
Know your blogger - Hungrydilliwaali The Cycle Boy
Know your blogger – Hungrydilliwaali
Birthday and hometown
Wish me on 21st December 😛 & my hometown is Delhi

Me -Your first post on Instagram as “Hungrydilliwaali”?

Neha – My first Instagram post was an ice cream, a Chocobar which I later deleted because it was a really bad click with a really bad Instagram filter. I have always enjoyed food, and it was something I felt the closest to, be I am sad or happy I always had food around me to help me cope up or celebrate the moment. I am a converted extrovert, I was a shy, vaguely confident person with a few friends, I saw blogging as an opportunity to improve my social skills and meet people and learn from them. It has changed my life for better, I have met so many awesome people through it and I feel less socially awkward than before.

Me – A thing that you want to do in your life if given chance.

Neha – I am this 10-year-old child at heart, who changes what she wants to do and be when she grows up, my dreams change with every new sunrise, today’s dream is to shift to a suburban Parisian locality with a lake nearby and open up a cute petite Parisian bakery. Tomorrow I might think of something really different.

Me – Best place in Delhi for a family dinner?

Neha – Since I was a child, my family would go for dinners at this place called Bell Pepperz, it’s a vegetarian restaurant in Ashok Vihar. I have a lot of memories associated with this place, also the food is yummy there so definitely this place is close to my heart.

Me – What do you do in your vella time?
P.S: Vella = Free

Neha – Either eating something or watching a Netflix show. I have watched so many shows, that currently, I have nothing good to watch.
What would be the last line of your Biography?
I lived my life like a pawn on a chessboard, not realising what I was capable of, but when I did I become the queen on that chessboard.

Me – What are the upcoming plans you have for your blog?

Neha – I have a few things in my mind, let’s see what works out well.

Me – Hobbies apart from these blogging stuff?

Neha – Oh! I am in love with Delhi, my Instagram handle is a result of that love. I am hungry for Delhi, its stories, the places, the food, the people and everything else. If the weather is kind enough, I spend my time exploring more of it and going on walks either food or heritage.

Me – Any book that you want to suggest to your followers?

Neha – I feel ashamed not being able to answer this question, gotta start reading more.
Know your blogger - Hungrydilliwaali The Cycle Boy
I recently completed my graduation from the University of Delhi, in History, I know I know how boring it sounds, currently waiting for post graduation entrance results.

Me – I am not boring you, right? Well, this is the last one, tips for your followers who want to start a blog like yours.

Neha – Arey! Nothing like. And yes, I would say, find a passion or something that really interests you be it be food, travel, fitness, lifestyle or beauty, and find a name for the blog that matches with your persona, interact with your followers, be active, and post what you enjoy and represents you, experiment and see what suits you. I believe interacting with your audience and understanding what they like is an important key to your growth.
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