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Earn money while travelling – GoETra

Are you a frequent traveller? Or planning to visit a city or two in coming days or months? Then you could be benefitted from this article.

Suppose, you are going to travel Mumbai next month along with your college friends, and after calculating your budget and spending sleepless nights, you all have ended up with the booking of, A.C III tier, along with a 3-star hotel in the outskirts of the city.

So, how’s the plan?

Common, but sucks?

Yeah! Right, exactly.

But, we can’t simply ask more money from our parents, we have certain things, no.

Understood! That’s why before planning to travel to another city/state, just GoETra.

What’s that?

GoETra, an online platform which helps travellers to connect with the people/agencies, that are willing to send their parcels/packages (you can choose your type of packs) to other cities, say Mumbai.
And if you are travelling to Mumbai and finds a person whose expectation of delivering the package matches along with the itinerary of yours, then it’s a Bullseye for you! You’ll gonna get the pre-decided amount, post delivering the package to the already agreed place (It will be a convenient point for both the parties).


Naah! Actually, it’s great!!!
Now, we can travel unprecedently, via Airplanes 😉

Along with increased rating hotels, no? 😉

For more details, how this system works and how could you earn money while travelling, do click here.

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