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Turning Twenty

It’s 2017. Already. Me and most of my friends are turning twenty.

Already. Speaking logically, (with a slight tinge of math), the time lapse between the ages 19 & 20 is the same as that between any other consecutive years but as I stand at an awkward ‘almost 20’ margin and swirl around to look back, this gap has been more than just 365 days. I remind myself not to be philosophical but I can’t help but think of it as a transition phase, like some sort of “passage into adulthood” as some may say. A passage that I can confess I haven’t traversed in the best way possible. It is funny how just overnight one goes from being in their fun and carefree life to being someone in their “twenties”. I perceive this as an unwanted, uncomfortable and irreversible change, of course, I have my reasons for it. While most people associate turning 20 with exciting things that may come their way, I can’t help but think in the completely opposite direction. For me turning twenty comes with a lot of baggage. The kind of baggage I don’t want even want to claim, let alone carry. It comes with responsibilities and expectations that I can push to the back of my mind but never completely throw out. I am not even twenty yet but I already feel weighed down. Turning twenty is a constant reminder of how the past two decades of my existence have been more or less insignificant. I have observed that turning twenty means different things to different people and rightly so.

While for some it’s an awakening, for the others it’s an occasion to celebrate and some wise people may even be indifferent. Of course, some of you over thinkers will be like me. So for all those who are like me and take pleasure in worrying about things that don’t even exist yet, I just have to say that you’re not alone. Remember what a big deal it was to turn like 13 and then 18. We got through that, we will get through this. There will be problems, like real ones and we will find our way out. There will be good times and bad times, there always are. Let’s try taking a deep breath and think about our parents who are turning 50 something. Now that must be real! And on the offside let’s not forget that age, after all, is just a number, and maybe, just maybe it’ll just be fine.

A post by Artika Singh

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