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Network Marketing Ploys: SARSO and EBIZ


Did you recently get a call from an acquaintance or friend
asking you to meet to discuss an earning opportunity? Is anyone of your friends
on facebook asking you for your number to discuss something important? Or have
you actually attended the so called ‘seminars’?
Actually these are just ruses people in network marketing
use to reel you in. Once you attend the ‘seminars’ or meet up with that ‘friend’,
they will try to brain wash you into doing something you may not really want.
Under the pretence of offering you an opportunity to earn money as a student,
they are just selling a product of their own.
Their psychological manoeuvring is pretty subtle. They will
first stress on the hopelessness of your situation, how are you going to get a
job in this cut-throat world? What sets you apart for thousands of others? Then
they will appeal to the dreamer in you to dare to do something different.
The next step is discussing the package that they are
selling. Usually includes a travel voucher, password for a learning site, which
by the way is completely useless, and several retail items. When the final
price for the package is quoted, which will keep you wondering how the rate can
be so low, they will broach the subject of direct selling. Take out the money
companies uses for advertisement and you will reduce the actual amount of
product and yada yada. Then the working will be explained to you. You invite
just 3 of your friends to a ‘seminar’ and they will convince him to buy it as
well and voila you have just earned 3K rupees. And to all the rest that join in
through those below you, you will earn a commission. Sounds very simple, right?
The earning scheme is as such:
0-3 3K approx.
3-6 3K approx.
6-9       ”
9-18     ”
18-27  ”
And so on.
Keeping aside the fact of ethics, such a task is not for
everyone. Convincing people to spend money when everyone suggests otherwise is
no easy task. Yes, there are some who will invariably succeed in this venture
but if you are joining just by looking at their example, which is all you will
be looking at during the ‘seminars’, you are more likely to fail.
So, before you shell out thousands of rupees against the
wishes of your parents, think very carefully whether you really want to do
this. The likely hood of failing is equal to or perhaps greater than succeeding.
So, if you are planning to join SARSO or EBIZ, make sure you
have arrived at the decision carefully considering all options. 

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