Things to do at Connaught Place

Connaught Place – Night

Connaught Place, famously known as C.P, the largest financial hub of New Delhi. It was developed as a showpiece of Lutyens’ Delhi with a prominent Central Business District. It’s a perfect place to spend your weekend. It includes all, from shopping to packing your tummy with mouth-watering foods, you should need to include these, for your next trip to C.P. So get ready to revisit it AGAIN.

 How to Reach?
Rajiv Chowk Metro Station – Yellow Line

Well, Delhi Metro made the transportation much better than ever, just a few stations and you’ll reach your destination with greater ease. And since the time changed, now you just need to spend 20-25 bucks to reach Rajiv Chowk Metro Station which is C.P.

Things to do at CP:

Inner Circle – C.P

After 15-20 minutes of journey, and getting off at Rajiv Chowk, the main confusion is, to make sure of which gate you need to check yourself out. Trust me, just go on with the crowd, but make sure you would not again board the same metro, as your aim is to go off the station. Right? Now, since you came out of the station, you could able to make the difference between C.P and any other shopping place. It’s just amazing, frantic ones roaming here and there, shopping enthusiasts are just finding the shops there. 

Inner Circle – C.P

Foodies’ Paradise:

But, If you are among those foodies, then the first thing you would gonna do, is to find a best budget food shop, right? that’s why I got these for you here*, just note their names, and if you find them awesome, then, make sure you would visit one of these on your next visit.

Palika Bazaar – Entrance

After filling your tanks, you can’t stop yourself from getting onto the streets, but your mind gets confused, from where I should start it off. So my advice to it, start your day from Palika Bazaar, the underground Bazaar, fully Air Conditioned, here if you are lucky enough then you might get your dream product at best price. But beware from the shopkeepers, do not try to react over smart with them, If you really want to buy that particular item, only then,  pay attention to the product and to the shopkeeper, otherwise, shopkeepers will ruin your trip.

Flag at Central Park

After doing your budget shopping, now it’s time to see the lavish environment there, just roam around the outer circle, inner circle and the streets, feel the environment and do click pictures as well, in order to increase your social quotient. And the time when you start feeling tired, then just take a glass of Lime-water from the vendors outside the central park, that will cost you around 10 bucks and after taking the refreshing lime water, move into the park and feel the salience there. Feel the pride by seeing the tallest flag flattering out there. Ah, it’s so relaxing. After these activities and fun, you really want to end your day happily, so what are you waiting for, take your phone out and book your Ola Cab there, since your cab is on the way, you can buy an ice-cream and feel the lavishness of C.P at drawn (evening) and after recapturing those moments, just lick the ice cream again and it’s all way to your home on your cab easily. Now that’s I called a well Spent Day ~ Your voice.

*These restaurants are based on zomato’s ratings, aforementioned are above 4.0

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