3 ways to impress anyone | College students

College life means, learning new things, studying for your career and most importantly, building new networks. To build long lasting networks, we eventually need to impress the person with whom we want to build the relationship. These 3 ways would help you to impress anyone. Always, appreciate in the public […]

Forget about cashback, Here’s “Databack” in the town!

In our real world we have offers and cashback which make our shopping frantic, but what about our digital world? So here’s something fizzy. Think of an Application that provides with recharges on the basis of your mobile data usage (i.e 2G,3G,4G), Exciting? Here is Databack in the town. As the […]

Clean India? The effect of Swacch Bharat Abhiyan

  The Swacch Bharat Abhiyan endorsed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi has gained nation-wide coverage. Politicians and celebrities alike take to the streets with a broom in hand, to encourage people to keep their neighbourhoods clean. While the idea is praiseworthy, is it really helpful? Why can’t we find even […]