How travelling in your 20’s can be one of the most enriching experiences

Travelling Triphobo The Cycle Boy

20’s is the time to learn, to work hard, to earn, to shape your life! And while we are busy juggling between finding the right career to looking for the perfect partner for ourselves, we often forget to understand that this is time, to build ourselves as a human being. […]

Turning 21 – Journey to explore and believe yourself

Turning 21 The Cycle boy

When you found one of those grey hair; when you realise that no one from your 400+ friends’ list will gonna help you out; when you wanted to play out like a child, but something restricts you, every time; when you start giving more time to your family rather than […]

Know your blogger – In Conversation with VForVeggie

Know your Blogger Vforveggie The Cycle Boy

In this second blog of the series, “Know your blogger“, I have Shubhneet from V_For_Veggie along with me for an exclusive interview for this series. Let’s dive into his life a bit. 😉 Me – First post on Instagram Shubhneet – My first Instagram post was one with my friends, […]

Know your blogger – In Conversation with Hungrydilliwaali

With the very first interview of the series, “Know Your Blogger“, I bring out the one and only, Hungrydilliwaali aka Neha with me. Hello, Neha! 😛 I tried to ask all the possible questions, that an avid follower could ask to our Hungrydilliwaali, and Neha answered all of those in […]

Earn money while travelling – GoETra

Earn money while travelling - The Cycle Boy

Are you a frequent traveller? Or planning to visit a city or two in coming days or months? Then you could be benefitted from this article. Suppose, you are going to travel Mumbai next month along with your college friends, and after calculating your budget and spending sleepless nights, you […]

#The5AMClub – Benefits of rising early

Benefits of rising early by The Cycle Boy

#The5AMClub, an initiative by The Cycle Boy. It’s a series of blog posts which will uncover the benefits of rising early. So, turn on your notifications, because I’ll be posting #The5AMClub every Monday, which may motivate you to become a “morning person” (If you are a geeky Owl) Benefits of rising early: Synchronise your […]

3 Steps to publish your book

Ever thought of writing your book? Or have already started writing it? But couldn’t able to figure out, who and why anyone would publish yours. Are you Chetan Bhagat or Robin Sharma? No? Not to worry. This article will help you to become the “Next”. 3 Steps to publish your […]

The Other Side Of Gurgaon

Gurgaon or Gurugram, One of the top high-tech cities of India. The city is usually known for its world-class shopping complexes and MNCs. But there is another side of This Concrete Jungle, of which most of us are oblivious. Yes, it’s The Green Side of Gurgaon, ‘The Aravalis’. Aravali, the oldest mountain range […]