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Howdy Readers!

It has been 10 days of 2018! Are you still following your resolved routines? Or the hype came to a rest?

Well, it’s okay! We still have 355 days and this time I urge you to follow your passion more intensely.

If you have resolved to learn a new skill this year, then I recommend you to enrol yourself in any one of the Udemy Courses (₹700 each course, could you imagine that?), choose yours from such a huge list. (Not a promotional thing; actually, I personally have done various courses at Udemy)

But if you have aimed to build your own website for your startup/hobby/passion, I commend you to follow my very first book “Get Blogged” (I love to hear your feedback). Where I have covered various topics including Website Development, Setting up the Niche, Building your Social Media Presence, Start making money online, etc.

Also, I am always there to help you out from any situation. Feel free to reach anytime.

Am waiting!

Shubham Kohli
The Cycle Boy

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