Some Suggestions That May Help You To Get A Seat On The Metro. Because I Know The Pain Of Travelling Without A Seat For Hours.
  • If It’s Possible, Leave All Six Coaches Metros:
Metros consisting of 6 coaches obviously have the less carrying capacity, so it’s better to not to board in it and just wait there for the 8 coaches to arrive, as it hardly takes at most 3 minutes for the next metro to arrive.
  • Rush To The Eighth Coach:
As soon as you realised, that the metro is arriving is of eight coaches, start moving towards the last coach of the metro i.e 8th coach. But this concept doesn’t ply on the six coaches Metros If you are in a hurry and six coaches metro is arriving, then my advice is, board to the middle coaches of the 6 coaches Metro i.e the 3rd or 4th coach.
  • Always Look For The Qutub Minar to Vishwa Vidyalaya Metro:
In order to reduce the burden from the Metros, DMRC runs a special Qutub Minar to Vishwa Vidyalaya Metro, with 1 out of 3 metros, is of this genre. So If you are going beyond Qutub Minar towards Rajiv Chowk, then it is advisable to always board to this Metro, which originates from Qutub Minar. And in order to board in it, you have to deboard at Qutub Minar Metro Station, wait for the metro coming from the other side, which read, the train terminates here, now board this metro, here you’ll gonna find a seat for Sure!
And vice-versa is also true for this trick if you are going beyond Vishwa Vidyalaya towards Rajiv Chowk, then also you can board this train from Vishwa Vidyalaya. Here also you can get a seat for sure as well.
  • Try To Travel Between 11 A.M  to 4 P.M:
If you are commuting just for recreation purposes, then it is advisable to travel between 11 A.M to 4 P.M, because, the time slot is an off-office hour, and you’ll also find the reduced burden on metros as well, and most of the time the metros are running, kind of, vacant. Here you can also able to find the seats for you and for your friends as well.
  • Apply Some Brain Through It:
It’s not that you earn the seat, you have to worth it, If someone really wants a seat, then pleasantly offers yours. Because by forgiving the seat, we could able to gain more respect as well as it’s our duty to help others that are lacking off.
  • Always Ignore The Crowd:
Sometimes, you may find the crowd standing near the last coaches, then it is advisable to look for alternative ways, it may possible that the middle coaches might have less crowd, so at that stage apply your common sense accompanied by your sixth sense. I Know You All Are Mastered In It. Aren’t You?

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