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Shubham Kohli April 7, 2017 3 comments

3 points that will change your life

Feeling lost in the clamour of the world? And you think you are much better than you pretend to be, with the outside world, then I hope these 3 points will help you to improve your “Be You” thing. Stop finding the answer in others, do introspection. Stop finding the
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Abhilasha Yadav March 22, 2017 0 comments

Common Cold: And its common remedies

The most common ailment that affects most of the people during the period of seasonal variation is Common Cold. Common cold is caused due to virus or I should say over 200 different viruses, to be specific. And unfortunately, we have no medicinal treatment of common cold. So what actually
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Do it yourself

Shubham Kohli August 6, 2017 0 comments

Homemade Samosa Chaat

Innovations are everywhere, you just need to investigate it a bit. With this enthusiasm, I always give a try to new things, and this time I have encountered with Samosa Chaat, I must say, “The Samosa Chaat”. Which I ate in my office’s cafeteria during my Summer Internship. This is
College Student DIY Food
Nancy Dhariwal April 21, 2017 1 comment

Make awesome designs on your clothing | At home

Bid farewell to Tie dye and greet ice dye: How to create this chic look by yourself Material required: White piece of cloth, dye colours, ice cubes, container There’s something so awesome about making a hand dyed stuff for yourself and your homies maybe. It’s a super creative way to
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